by The Rabid Whole

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Recorded and produced by Karl Schubach (Misery Signals, Solace), mixed by Dave Ogilvie (Jakalope, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson) and mastered by Noah Mintz (Broken Social Scene, Death From Above 1979), “Refuge” was written amidst a flurry of changes in The Rabid Whole’s line-up and sound, showcasing growth and an evident pushing of boundaries when compared to the band’s 2009 debut release, “Autraumaton”.

“The new album is an obvious shift in direction/sound/subject matter… we have settled more into our own sound and the themes of the album are easy to relate to, the energy is up, the drumming is more intense, the guitars are louder, soft parts are softer and the electronics are much more noticeable,” says vocalist / guitarist Andreas Weiss. “The Rabid Whole is providing an exit, an honest and refreshing alternative to the bullshit we’ve been fed and it’s noticeable. Anyone that hears what we’ve come up with is hopefully going to have a hard time ignoring it.”

A direct reflection of the emotional and external changes of singer/songwriter Andreas Weiss’ journey, ‘Refuge’ deals with relatable themes.

“I sold my house, quit my engineering consultant job and moved…We were starting from square one again, but with more uncertainties than ever and weren’t sure when we would even have a full band again. Part of the writing had begun randomly scattered over the past couple of years, but the majority came right after the move. I set up the studio in the basement of my house and got to work. I didn’t leave the house for two months and wrote from the moment I’d wake up until I’d fall asleep,” says Weiss.

The finished product delivers rock and electronic elements pushed to the max, a male and female vocal showdown and, as Weiss puts it, showcases “a 21st century, high-energy, electro alternative, orgasmic-punch-in-the-face-rock band.”


released May 1, 2012

• All Songs Performed by: The Rabid Whole
• All Female Vocals Performed by: Sheenah Ko
• All Songs Written by: Andreas Weiss
• Produced by: Karl Schubach, Andreas Weiss
• Mixed by: Dave Ogilvie
• Mastered by: Noah Mintz



all rights reserved


The Rabid Whole Toronto, Ontario

Delivering 21st century, high-energy, alternative rock, The Rabid Whole gives a refreshing take on a familiar sound. Their live act has been described by Lithium Magazine as: "painting great futuristic scenery with an eerie atmosphere...instantly causes the listener to get lost in the music and then whisked away on a surreal sci-fi trip." ... more

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Track Name: Future
Sense the undertone
Simply overblown
Incidentally never quite the tragedy conceived

I got valuable insight
I'm too high to be low right now
Try to catch me
You should see the drive inside me

(Trust me) We can control space and time
(Really) Know that the future is not defined
Desperately) I must confess, I was too busy to cry
(Baby) I left all the memories behind.

Never has the will
Greatly unfulfilled
Incidentally, always more excuse than reason

I see light within darkness
I'm too psyched to fall in distress
You can't touch me
You should see the fight inside me

Now finally
I've got room to breathe
In harmony
I feel so surreal
Track Name: Metro
You're trying way too fucking hard
To derail this train of thought
You keep getting in my way
A lot

You know it's way too fucking late
To relight the fires I've fought
What you're trying to retrieve
Time forgot

I'll give it everything I've got
I'll give it all to see you rot
I can't imagine where you'd be without me
Reach out and touch the sky above
Repair the damage you have caused
I've traveled far but still you're right behind me

You know it's way too fucking hard
To admit the loss of trust
It's taken quite a bit of time
To adjust

I know what it fucking meant
And what I chose to believe
I just can't seem to bring myself
To forgive

Always there

I know the crooked path you walk
Take back the disrespect you brought
Was this the answer that you sought?
Track Name: Corporate
State your position
Baby, I am the victim
You can choke on your system
I can rock it without you

Man on a mission
I have made a decision
You can keep your addiction
I can make it without you

Why don't you come inside?
Why don't you get in line?
Why won't you let it die?
I wasn't born to compromise

It's the day that my friend turned corporate
Hard to think that this shell was once a man
Off the record, I always had a plan

Man with a vision
There's a coldness about you
You can follow the rhythm
I can make it without you

I feel the pressure rise
Try to cut me down to size
Everything that I despise
Is seeping through your weak disguise

Sell your soul for a life you can predict
Give me freedom again, you'll beg for it
It's the day that we all gave up our dreams
Track Name: New System
There's something in the air I breathe
It's replacing what was common theme
I'm dreaming of a state of being
Something greater than I've ever been

Believe it, I
Can feel it, inside

You can't stop them
You've become the problem
There's a wealth of symptoms, showing me
You can't solve it
You've become the reason
There's a brand new system blossoming

I've made peace within this human being
I'm increasing every level
I'm better than I've ever been
This is where it begins

I mean it, more with time
Nothing has ever felt so divine

Today I want the world to see
all the strength beyond fragility
I have seen the possibilities
I'll embrace the opportunities
Track Name: Serenity Falls
I'm counting the moments
Like the stars in the sky
The Highlights I've chosen
Tend to flicker and die
I can't hold on forever
Will you ever reply

I don't think it matters anymore
I'm sick of it all
I've taken it all
Nothing seems to matter when you're gone
Destiny calls
Serenity falls

Still waiting answers
It's becoming too much
You can live in the moment
But It's gone in a flash
I've been living forever
But I'm missing your touch

So corrode away
The song has played
Colors fade
Feelings tame
Track Name: Solution
There's a question in my mind
Can I contend?
It's the pressure of the grind
Building again

Set the differences aside
From now and then
Years it's taken to me to find
A solution so plain

Don't give in
To win
You've got to play
Your place
Means to an end
Endure the night

It's easy to fail
And others will doubt you
When you focus your aim
You know you will get through
The others will tell
There's something about you
When you prevail
Nobody can touch you
Track Name: Stargazer
Welcome dependence
Still can't accept my faults
Stored up resentment
For all against my cause

I hoped to end this
I dreamt a different plot
I'll find the essence
The way to make it stop

I'm still expecting you to break my fall
Assuming everything goes wrong
(Stay for the sunrise)
(Wouldn't it feel right?)

You're still infecting me beneath it all
Affecting every inch I crawl

Lend me your presence
Is it too much to ask?
Can't stand the distance
I can't accept the facts

I'm still persistent
But running out of luck
I need enrichment
Pretend you give a fuck

(Doesn't it feel right?)
Track Name: Delusion
This time it's out of my hands
You lost control and you're losing your chance
What were you thinking my friend?
You lost the faith that I'd do it again

Burned out on rage
Some things won't ever change
I feel so out of place, knowing
No one can help me heal

I've got my head in a daze
We try so hard we begin to pretend
It's a correctional phase
To find the way to remove all the doubt

The choice you make
The chance you take
Like those before
Accept your fate

Fix what is broken
Track Name: Refuge
Lately, I feel as if emotions are wasted
Failing, I'd like to have a feeling worth sharing
Tell me, what made you think you could change me?
Clearly, my sense of all direction is fading

I'm all alone
Please take me home

Lately, I see the world around me is changing
Plainly, I notice my emotions betray me
Tell me, did you really think you could contain me?
Take me, to your secretly emotional haven

I must let go
The world I know